1800 VeriSens® Vision Sensor

Supplier: Sensorsafe

The new series 1800 VeriSens® vision sensor allows barcodes, matrix codes and printed characters to be read automatically.

By supporting all common 1D and 2D codes, including EAN, UPC, and ECC200 the series 1800 guarantees flexibility for identification and inspection tasks.

In addition, information on the quality of printed codes can be used to improve the labeling process.

The series 1800 comes with an integrated optical character recognition (OCR) function and permits the reading of any character or numeric sequence without time-consuming font training. Thus, applications e.g. to identify incorrect serial numbers or expired product dates can be easily solved.

The identification functions of the series 1800 together with the enhanced functionality for the control of position, location, presence and completeness allow a wide range of applications, e.g. in packaging industry or handling, where parts must be properly identified and inspected in any conceivable location and position.

The series 1800 VeriSens® vision sensor is based on the Baumer FEX® contour processor, is unequaled in its class, and offers processing safety and performance of up to 50 images per second. The VeriSens® sensor is easily integrated into your process and makes use of available interfaces such as the Ethernet, USB, RS485 and digital I/O.

Special Features

  • Code reader function (1D / 2D Code)
  • Integrated character recognition (OCR)
  • Network integration by TCP/IP
  • Image display via standard web browser
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