34DS - 34 Litre Steel Non-Refillable Cylinder

Non-refillable cylinders are available for all gas mixtures, whether it is a single gas or a complex blend.

Specialty mixtures can be produced in all cylinder sizes. We are able to produce gas blends for special applications where only one cylinder may be required.

Specifications of 34DS - 34 Litre Steel Non-Refillable Cylinder:

  • Contents: 34 Litres
  • Service Pressure: 34 bar (500psi)
  • Dimensions: Height 279 mm, Diameter 74mm
  • Weight: 0.68Kg
  • Cylinder Material & Valve: Steel, Connection CGA600
  • Standards: NATA, NPL, NIST standards Manufactures gravimetrically to ISO 6142
  • Equipment: Cylinder valve compatiable with most major manufactures regulators
  • Mixture Tolerances Certified to the following analytical tolerance:
    • 2-20ppm =+/- 10%
    • 21-50ppm = +/-5%
    • 51-300ppm = +/-2%
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