45 day free trial of Femap with NX Nastran

Supplied by: EDGE plm software

Try Solid Edge CAD and Femap with NX Nastran for 45 days complete with training tools.

As an engineer, you should need software that is not only cost effective and easy to use, but with the power to model the toughest problem.  Femap delivers just that - affordable high performance FEA modeling for the engineering desktop.  Femap is recognized as the world's leading CAD-independent Windows-native pre- and post- processor for advanced engineering finite element analysis.

Get a free trial copy of Femap with NX Nastran and see how these comprehensive simulation and analysis applications can help you save money and reduce time to market through optimized designs, reduced prototyping and physical testing. In this free offer are tutorials, productivity tips and tricks, and access to an exclusive newsgroup for sharing ideas with other analysts. Get started on Femap with NX Nastran now.

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