Amsoil keeps street Ford in top condition

Supplied by: Enginecare Systems Australasia

When Matt Bergner added Amsoil to his much-loved XM falcon, it got a new lease on life . .

When Matt Bergner saw a pristine 1963 XM Falcon for sale he jumped in right away. The car was originally owned by a Wollongong bus operator who maintained the car in top condition before selling it thirty years ago.

The Falcon's new owner had the same appreciation of the Ford classic and kept it garaged and lovingly maintained before selling it to Matt about two years ago.

"I bought the XM Falcon simply because I loved the look of the car – its pristine condition and classic design. The odometer is showing 47,000 miles, but no one knows how many times it’s been around."

"The car still has the original 170 pursuit engine in the car. The only work that has been done to the engine is the change to stainless steel valves so it can run on unleaded fuel.

"I have seen a significant improvement in the car has been evident since I started using Amsoil 100 percent synthetic engine oil. The most obvious benefit is that the car has stopped using oil and is now whisper quiet even on start up and it feels smoother when the engine is still warming up."

"The back seat still has its original trim, while the front seating finish has been replaced to original colours. Factory rust proofing was one of the options purchased by the original owner and has helped maintain the bodywork, with only a couple of rust patches that needed work. It’s my daily drive and always attracts a lot of attention wherever I go."

"I'm planning to show the car after it gets a new diff and engine. A new spray job for its 50th will certainly bring it back to showroom condition." Matt said.

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