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Wireless SyncHoist heads hydraulic safety and efficiency innovations
Some of the world's most advanced high precision, high safety hydraulics are being deployed on the new $72 million Brisbane Riverwalk project to lift, shift and position the complex ...
Thermal imaging cameras support fuel cell research
When it comes to electricity generation, fuel cell technology is widely regarded as a very promising way to meet today and tomorrow's environmental and energy needs.
Going local: 5 tips for choosing the right coding equipment provider
In today's manufacturing environment, the latest equipment includes cutting-edge features to ensure production is as efficient as possible. But what happens when the unthinkable ...
Training crisis threatens industry's future: AMWU
Australia risks destroying the training capacity it will need to transform manufacturing due to governments nationwide starving and dismantling TAFEs.
Business, rice farmers beg to differ on Japan FTA
Tony Abbott announced this week (Monday, April 7) Australia had finally struck a historic trade deal with Japan, a move that will allow a number of local industries – most significantly ...
Achieving accurate viscosity measurements for deepwater drilling
When tapping a new offshore well, companies initially need to know the quality of the well, such as how much oil, water, gas, brine etc exists within it.
Half of Aust workers "deeply worried" about future
Half of Australian workers worry about their work, a survey by the Centre for Workplace Leadership at the University of Melbourne has found.
Cutting-edge tech brings greater detail to thermal imagery
An innovative new technology has allowed for faster and more detailed electrical, mechanical and building inspections using infrared cameras.
Fluid control system used for record-breaking attempt
Bürkert recently provided a fluid control system for the fuel cell stack of the hydrogen electric race car "Forze VI". The race car will attempt to break the record for fuel cell-powered ...
Manufacturing contracts again in March: Australia PMI
The latest seasonally adjusted Australian Industry Group Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index (Australian PMI) contracted again in March – down 0.7 points to 47.9 (readings ...
High tax-free threshold for Australian online retailers 'unjust'
The Australian Made Campaign has expressed extreme concern at the decision by state and federal government treasurers to defer dealing with the issue of GST not applying to online ...
IT future bright with a cloudy outlook
Rajiv Gupta, co-founder and CEO of cloud security software company, Skyhigh Networks, in a blog post in Cloud Computing Journal has set out a number of predictions for cloud computing ...
Economic report 'reinforces' value of resources industry
The mining industry continues to underpin the Australian economy, with new figures showing the production phase of the boom is gathering momentum.
ACCC grants interim authorisation for coal producers
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has granted interim authorisation for Rio Tinto, Peabody and Pacific National (the applicants) to coordinate transportation of coal ...
CEO red tape report: major headway requires further efforts
The extent of the red tape burden facing Australian business is highlighted in a new Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) CEO survey.
Food importers warned of heavy fines
Food importers are on notice to comply with Australian government regulation with Queensland's B&E Packaging fined $7,500 and court costs for breaching Australian importing requirements. ...
Using modern technology in the water supply chain
Process control is vital to ensuring the integrity of the water supply chain in civil and industrial applications.
Red tape repeal will 'lighten the load' on business
"The Australian Industry Group strongly welcomes the initiatives the government is taking to reduce the regulatory burden on businesses and other organisations," Australian Industry ...
Optical imaging camera improves safety at petrochemical plant
Many petrochemical plants handle invisible gaseous hydrocarbons, and most of these gases pose some sort of safety hazard.
Remote detection of gas leaks with autonomous inspection robots
Detection of gas leaks in industrial facilities can not only be dangerous and time-consuming – it is also susceptible to human error and interpretation.
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