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FWO welcomes positive feedback, addresses challenges
The Fair Work Ombudsman has welcomed the findings of a University of Melbourne research project which examined the agency's compliance work.
3D printing key to world's first commercial braille mobile phone
The constant innovation push in the world of 3D printing has led to the launch of the world's first braille mobile phone in Australia for people who are blind.
Govt opens $11m fund for greater Tasmania investment
The Australian Government is putting in place a 'key program' in its overall strategy to create new opportunities for investment and jobs growth in Tasmania.
The real facts about head protection
In Australian workplaces, head protection is required when and wherever there is a reasonable prospect of hazard or injury to an individual. You won't find a building site or industrial ...
Gas market reform 'huge consequences' for manufacturing
An alliance of six industry associations released on Sunday (20 July) the first comprehensive analysis of the impact of rapidly escalating gas prices on the Australian economy.
Carbon tax 'finally axed'
Following weeks of ambivalence, negotiation, and a marathon debate lasting more than 50 hours, Tony Abbott's carbon tax repeal bill finally reached its parliamentary frontier when ...
Aust scientists reach for stars in support of "niche manufacturing"
Australian scientists have snared two world-leading contracts to make astronomical instruments which will further consolidate Australia's reputation for global innovation, Minister ...
Detail of Aust-Japan free trade agreement 'critical': industry
The effects of the historic free trade agreement (FTA) with Japan should be seen by business and industry alike before the end of the year, Federal Trade Minister Andrew Robb said.
Mining industry dragging chain 'significantly' on big data
The mining industry is significantly lagging behind other industries in the use of computer technology – especially when it comes to designing new projects and infrastructure, Andrew ...
Thermal camera detects temperature differences on PCBs
The design of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) can be very complex, sometimes having over 2000 different components.
Industries to rise and fall in the next financial year
As Australian companies ring in the new financial year, business information analysts at IBISWorld reveal the industries set to sink and soar.
 'New era' for Australian industry and small business
A new era for industry development in Australia has begun, focusing on new investment, jobs growth, and new opportunities for Australian entrepreneurs, according to the Federal ...
Australian PMI: Manufacturing contracts slightly in June
The latest Australian Industry Group Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index (Australian PMI®) remained in contractionary territory in June, down slightly by 0.3 points to 48.9 ...
Carbon tax: '$150 million per week and rising'
Official figures confirm the carbon tax is imposing a $150 million burden on the Australian economy every week.
Thermal cameras help pinpoint coal self-combustion hazards
When storing or loading large amounts of coal, self-combustion is a serious concern.
Future of manufacturing 'in peril' due to TAFE funding cuts
The AMWU marked national TAFE Day this week by taking the fight for our apprentices' rights to quality training to the heart of the problem – Canberra.
Working from home – a convenience or an intrusion?
A new study has found jobs in which people have a formal agreement to work from home are generally seen as 'good jobs' by employees in Australia, but the picture is less clear for ...
Review your business systems, prepare for successful financial year
As the End of Financial Year approaches, The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is encouraging businesses to review their existing systems and processes to prepare for a successful ...
Four steps to combat hearing loss, the 'silent epidemic'
An estimated 275 million people suffer from hearing loss, the world's number one sensory disability.
Blown away: how compressed air risks lives
Compressed air is one of the most important energy forms used in industry today, its use is widespread and as with many things that are in plain sight, the risks of compressed air ...
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