Batch Controller Increases Production Output

Supplied by: Accuweigh

A Batch Controller was recently installed in the lettuce packaging line for Harvest Fresh Cuts. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Perth branch, the Batch Controller replaced an ageing PLC based setpoint control system that was regularly breaking down.

In this application, the IT8000 Batch Controller operates multiple rams to position empty containers onto the scale base, tare the weight display before operating the overhead vibratory feeder. After correct weight is achieved, the filled container is automatically removed.  

Full reporting of all weighings are recorded by the Batch Controller including number of weighing, total product used, average fill weights, batch run totals, etc. All data can then be downloaded directly to the client’s host system using the internal Ethernet interface.
Accuweigh’s IT8000 Batch Controller is fully programmable and easily able to perform all the necessary weighing, logic and control operations that previously required both a setpoint indicator and a PLC. With a full stainless steel housing rated to IP65 and integral power supply unit, the IT8000 is ideal for harsh environment weighing and batching applications in wet or dusty areas.
Fitted with standard programs and free programmability, the IT8000 Batch Controller can function as a standalone terminal for use as shipping/receiving scales, batching and recipe control, all filling and weighing applications. The IT 8000 is very powerful and capable of directly controlling up to 64 inputs/outputs while connected to one or two scale bases using either single or multi-interval weighing divisions.
Accuweigh has an entire range of digital weight indicators and programmable controllers to suit a diverse range of weigh/batching applications. With full after sales support available from eight branches across mainland states, Accuweigh is the logical choice for all industrial weighing requirements.
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