CV Belt Return Side Tracking System (Type RG2)

Supplied by: Hosch

The Tracker Roller Type RG2 from HOSCH solves mis-tracking of heavy-duty conveyor belts. The HOSCH Tracker Roller Type RG2 is designed for heavy duty conveyor applications with belt widths from 1.400 mm up to 2.400 mm.

HOSCH Return Side Tracking System (Type RG2)

  • The robust construction allows for the transmission of high steering forces under safe operating conditions.
  • The modular design with telescopic endsections allows for easy installation and flexible adaptation to the conveyor structure.

Characteristics of the Tracker Roller
Type RG2

  • Heavy-duty system carrier with telescopic endsections to fit the conveyor structure regardless of its width.
  • Crosshead roller-bar suitable for various belt widths and fitted with a swing angle limiter.
  • Segmented rollers fitted with roller bearings and rubber-lagging, for easy assembly to the crosshead roller-bar.
  • Basically maintenance-free.
External centre bearing block, fitted with high-quality radial and axial roller bearings.

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