Deublin Hot-Media Rotating Unions with SAE-flange

Supplied by: Norman G. Clark

The requirements that the new Hot-Media Rotating Unions with SAE-flange have to meet are shorter assembly time, secure sealing and increase of service life in the field. These rotating unions are especially designed for the use in calendars, in paper and plastic machines as well as in machines for laminating and coating.

The practice shows that models were very often mounted onto the supply line by means of adaptors or screw joints. These connections are complex and time-consuming to mount and very often need a lot of force or power to be installed or serviced. Even when done by experienced and qualified servicemen, they are still error prone; ensuing damages or warranty cases may result due to damaged bearings or seal rings (i.e. reduction of service life).

Moreover, experience shows that any sort of adaption leads to flow diameter restriction which, in turn, results in a lower heating capacity and higher pressure losses.

When using SAE flanges these problems now belong to the past. Connections are simple. Four screws, one O-ring and a retaining plate are needed to connect the supply lines to the rotating union - and the only assembly tool you need is an Allen wrench.

This design has several advantages:

The supply lines can be connected tension-free in the shortest amount of time, reducing considerably both installation and service time. No large tools are needed for the disassembly. All this leads to less machine downtime, resulting undoubtedly in cost advantages for the user.

There are further advantages: no more side-loaded installation; the service life and energy efficiency of the rotating union increases due to the continuous volume flow to the cylinder and calendar; no more losses in pressure and heat capacity.

Furthermore the design with SAE-flange offers the possibility to realise a secure sealing and proper connection pursuant to the standards of DIN 4754 "Heat transfer plants with organic heat carriers; safety-related requirements, inspection". This was not always the case when using an adapter.

Of course, the user must not relinquish other well-known technical features. Thus the standard DEUBLIN Rotating Union is available for temperatures up to 120°C, in nominal diameters of DN 40 up to DN 100 and in monoflow and duoflow designs. In case higher temperatures are needed, the user should not hesitate to contact Norman G. Clark. All rotating unions have a stable bearing design and a secondary sealing with diaphragm, which helps avoid relative movements at the sealing gasket. The springs are located outside the media flow in order to allow high flows with low pressure loss.

In order to achieve maximal service life, the user is strongly recommended to only use DEUBLIN original parts and to have his rotating unions repaired by DEUBLIN, NORMAN G. CLARK, or to refer to the machine manufacturer.

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