Digital Gauss Meter/Tesla Meter

Audit and validate magnetic separator strength with this easy to use Tesla/Gauss Meter

A Tesla Meter/Gauss Meter with large LCD display is available from Serpent and Dove. This is an essential tool for anyone wishing to check or audit magnetic strength of magnets and magnetic separators used in food, chemical and other process industries. The Kanetec TM Series Gaussmeter is also useful for measurment of residual magnetism in raw materials or finished parts as well as for laboratory uses. The TM series is designed for easy use and has an external output terminal is to provide digital or analog outputs for transmission of data to a PC. The probe is suitable for use in small spaces and the meter has a measuring range from 0 to 3000 milliTesla (0 to 30,000 Gauss). Available ex-stock or short delivery.

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