Directional Control Valves

Supplied by: A.T Hydraulics

We offer two types of directional valves for the mobile industry: open-center valves (CFO) and closed-center valves (CFC). The two types result in completely different control characteristics.

CFO valves are intended for applications in which simple, uncomplicated components are required and where the demands for simultaneous-operation characteristics are moderate.

CFC valves are intended for applications in which the demands on control characteristics are great, while at the same time a system with a fixed pump is required.

Valves can be obtained with a large number of optional components and mountings such as:

  • A main pressure relief
  • Individually adjusted port-relief and anti-cavitation valves
  • Separate replenishing valves with counterpressure valves
  • Application adapted spools
  • A large selection of spool actuators
  • Single or multi-pump operation by stacked valves
  • Subplate, stackable or manifold styles
  • Load hold checks
  • Crossover reliefs
  • Flow controls
  • Power beyond feature
  • Proportional inlets for fine metering
  • E-stop: pump channel blocked in emergency
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