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Ecological & User-friendly Bio-chem Welding Technology

Welding with bio-chem means an ecological and user-friendly welding technology that guarantees an optimal welding result.

Ecological & User-friendly Bio-chem Welding Technology image
Ecological & User-friendly Bio-chem Welding Technology

The bio-chem welding accessory program consists of quality products that meet the latest technological and market requirements with respect to effectiveness, environment, and economy. Each product is friendly to the environment and economical to use.

Cool Protection

Unique gel formulation. Absorbs heat and reduces thermal conduction. Prevents heat damage to sensitive parts during welding and soldering. Leaves no residues. Easy to apply squeeze-bottle.


The new blue welding protection spray. For the welding of stainless steel and other metals. Free of silicone and solvents. Also has a cleaning effect.

Heat Protection Paste

Ceramic paste. Reduces heat conductivity to a minimum. Prevents heat damage to sensitive components during welding. Re-usable.

Nozzle Lube

Prevents spatter on the nozzle of the welding torch during shielded-arc welding. Made fomr natural lubricants characterised by their light colour and high purity. Silicone free.

Silicone Spray

Universally usable separating and lubricating agent. Antistatic and water-repellant.

Welding Protection Spray

Separating agent on the basis of natural ingredients. Free of silicone, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and other solvents.

Welding Protection Spray H (High Temperature)

Separating agent especially developed especially for the welding of thin and/or pre-heated sheet metal as well as for multi-layered welding.

Welding Protection Spray V (Viscous)

Separating agent with a higher viscosity, particularly suited for automatic cleaning systems on welding robots.

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