Hired heat boost for winter

Supplied by: Kennards Hire

Kennards Hire is meeting peak winter demand by distributing a further 100 new, 240V, diesel-powered, infra-red heaters to its network of hire centres across Australia.

This follows a great response from customers to the powerful new model, which was introduced last year.

The heaters have proved popular for providing warmth for workers in industrial environments, both indoors and outdoors, and for gatherings in halls and auditoriums.

They are also excellent for drying paint or adhesive and for concrete and asphalting preparation.

Although they have an output of 111,000btu per hour and broadcast heat over a wide area, they do not have the smell of kerosene-powered models.

The radiation disc can be tilted up to 20 degrees to direct heat more efficiently. They are easy
to move around and a 35 litre tank allows continuous operation for up to 13 hours

Contractor Con Vrondos, who operates CTA Painting NSW, was impressed after hiring one of the units from Kennards Alexandria to dry a water damaged home.

"It’s 100 times better than any other heater I have used," he said. "The heat is fantastic and I have been running it for five hours yet the fuel tank is still half full."

Kennards has more than 100 hire centres around Australia, including a new outlet in Launceston, the first of an intended network of branches in Tasmania.

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