Hopper Weighing Systems

Supplied by: QWM / Accuweigh

Almost any existing hopper, tank or storage bin can be converted to a weigh hopper or weigh bin. Loadcell kits are available and are very easy to install.

The Accupoint Static Weigh Module is a loadcell kit ideal for weigh hoppers and weigh bins. It is available in capacities from 100kg to 50t. Some of its benefits include:

  • Fully Stainless steel construction,
  • IP68 sealing, fully wash down proof,
  • Ideal for tanks and hoppers,
  • Uplift restraint,
  • Simple mounting,
  • Earth bonding strap, and
  • Compact design.

The Accupoint loadcell produces outstanding accuracy and precision.

An alternative to mounting the hopper on Accupoint loadcells is using Measuring Eye transducers. These transducers are mounted in the steel support structure of the hopper or tank and measure the deformation of the steel structure under load.

As would be expected, the Measuring Eye does not produce as great an accuracy as the Accupoint loadcell, with typical accuracy being 1.5%. They are very easy to retrofit to existing hoppers.

If you have a weigh hopper, software or special digital indicators exist to easily determine the amount of product in the weigh hopper and the amount of product discharged from the weigh hopper. The weigh hopper can therefore be used as a Loss-In-Weight Feeder for dosing purposes.

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