Incinerators | Drug Terminator

Supplied by: Bulbeck Envirosolutions

Incinerators | Drug Terminator is an innovative easy to use an incinerator, specifically designed for safe efficient disposal of confiscated drugs and sensitive documents.

Incinerators | Drug Terminator is used by local Law Enforcement when other disposal options are limited.

Incinerators | Drug Terminator is timber of charcoal fired. Two high velocity electric blowers create a cyclone of intense heat eliminating illicit drugs quickly and completely.

The volume of ash is reduced to an average of 1% ash.

Incinerators | Drug Terminator has been developed from the Waste Incinerators - Portable | Smart Ash. Over two thousand Waste Incinerators - Portable | Smart Ash are in use around the world.


Specifications of Incinerators | Drug Terminator:

  • Construction: Stainless Steel Lid, Painted tubular Steel Frame, 2-Blowers, Axial Vane 220V
  • Requirements: 205Ltr Steel Open Head Drum
  • Weight: 45kg Without Drum
  • Height: 116cm
  • Floor Space: With Drum 91 x 66 cm
  • Average Burn Rate: 25kg/HR 


Requirements for Incinerators | Drug Terminator:

  • Electrical: 120 Volt or 240 Volt
  • Location: Exterior
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