Lab Scales

Supplied by: QWM / Accuweigh

Laboratory balances, sometimes referred to as Mettler balances, or simply lab scales, are composed of three sub-groups of scales: analytical balances for really high accuracy, precision balances for most lab applications, and compact balances for less critical weighing.

Generally speaking, the smaller the lab scale division, and the more divisions within the overall capacity, the more expensive the lab scale. This is why compact balances are the least expensive, because they typically have between 2,000 and 20,000 divisions within their weighing range.

Precision balances typically have 20,000 to 200,000 divisions, while analytical balances typically have 200,000 to 2,000,000+ divisions. Analytical balances also have high accuracy, often display readings with microgram accuracies (one millionth of a gram).

QWM / Accuweigh has a comprehensive range of laboratory balances, including specialised balances for moisture analysis (moisture balances) and viscosity analysis (viscometers). QWM / Accuweigh supplies the A&D range of lab scales because of the range's proven quality and reliability. A&D has also proven to be a technology innovator by continually including new technologies in to each new model range, as the technology becomes available.

Labs can therefore have confidence that the lab balance range utilises the latest technology and includes Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) functions and features.

Each balance within the range is also very versatile. A number of weighing units is capable of being displayed, and a number of accessories is also available to extend the functionality of the balance.

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