Latronics PV Edge Grid Connect Inverters

Supplied by: Conergy

The innovative new Australian-built Latronics PV Edge Grid Connect Inverters, PVE 1200 & PVE 2500 can operate in a simple maintenance-free system.

Furthermore it works either with Solar Modules only or connected to batteries to allow the use of other renewable energy sources.
They can also combine with a standalone inverter to provide battery backup if the grid fails: A solar powered Uninterruptible Power Supply!

Main Features:

Circuit Breakers - AC and DC Circuit Breakers are included for easy operation and to minimise installation time and costs
Maximum Power Point Tracking - The Solar array is held at the optimum voltage and continually monitored in order to achieve the maximum power output.
Isolation - Galvanic isolation within the PV Edge provides optimal protection for your system and your household
Reliability - Over 20 years of experience and continuous adherence to stringent quality standards ensures outstanding reliability
Efficiency - The latest low loss switching technology combined with a high efficiency Toroidal Transformer maximises the output of the PV Edge even under conditions of minimal Solar Radiation
Australian Made - The PV Edge is a world class Grid Interactive Inverter proudly designed and manufactured in Australia

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