Magnetic Separators for Mining Industry

Supplied by: Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics

Remove offending Tramp Iron from Conveyors with ease.

These days it’s imperative for mines to maximise conveyor and crushing and grinding equipment up-time. Removing unwanted ‘Tramp Iron’ from coal or other ores, conveyed in deep burdens on fast-moving belts is a specialty of Serpent and Dove and Longji Magnet Company.

With a large range of electromagnets in standard sizes and the option of special sizes and adaptations where required, there’s not a problem outside the scope or expertise of Longji and Serpent and Dove’s innovative approach. Whether the problem is protection of capital plant or final clean-up of product prior to shipment to demanding customers, there’s a magnet that will do the job. Self-cleaning, manual-cleaning, oil-cooled, air-cooled or fan-cooled, extra heavy-duty and other styles are available, all to ISO Certification.

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