Magnets that Separate Aluminium and Copper from Waste!

Supplied by: Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics

Eddy-current Separators help solve recycling problems

When a non-ferrous metal item is passed through a magnetic field, eddy-currents are generated within the item. These small electric currents, in turn, induce a magnetic field around the item.

This magnetic field can be used to repel the non-ferrous metallic piece. The principle is used in Longi Eddy-current Separators to remove aluminium, copper and other non-ferrous metals from municipal and other waste.

A suitable Longi magnet is used prior to the Eddy-current Separator to remove ferrous items first as they will cause damage to the eddy-current system. Longi Magnet Co Ltd is able to supply complete systems for recycling including conveyors, magnets and Eddy-current Separators and is represented in Australia by Serpent and Dove® Pty Ltd.

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