Medical Scales

Supplied by: QWM / Accuweigh

Medical Scales are a range of scales including chair scales, wheelchair weighers, baby weighers, and bariatric scales.

QWM / Accuweigh supplies the complete range of scales suited to the medical and health care industry. This range of scales is ideal for medical centres, hospitals, dieticians, sports clinics, and more.

Chair scales are essentially a chair on Load Cells. They are also mounted on castor wheels, making them very easy to relocate. Chair scales are well suited to patients that are not well enough to stand on a personal weigher.

A bariatric chair scale is also available for bariatric patients. The bariatric chair scale is fabricated with special fetaures to aid bariactric patients during the weighing process and to maintain their dignity.

Personal weighers are also available for bariatric patients as well as some models well suited to dieticians. Dieticians in particular need very accurate and reliable personal weighers. Basic bathroom scales are not suited to professional use and often are not repeatable and accurate.

QWM / Accuweigh Pty Ltd manufactures a wheelchair weigher, allowing wheelchair-bound patients to wheel themselves on to a low-profile platform scale. It is important for wheelchair-bound patients to maintain a regular weight through the constant monitoring of their weight.

Baby weighers, or baby scales, are also a common health industry scale and most digital baby scales are quite inexpensive.

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