Mini Calibration Gas & Bump Test Disposable Cylinder - 12 Litre

12 Litre Cylinder provides low cost calibration gas solution.

The 12DA cylinder is a perfect solution for gas detection applications where a small volume of calibration gas is required.

Infrequent gas detection users or short term instrument rental customers will find the 12DA a low cost solution for calibration and bump testing.

The 12DA eliminates the cost barrier of not calibrating and bump testing gas detection instruments for short term applications as it’s only $99 for a four gas mixture.

Available in three different gas mixtures:

  H2S CO CH4 O2 Isobutylene
4 Gas 25ppm 100ppm 2.5%v 18%v X
3 Gas X 100ppm 2.5%v 18%v X
Single Gas X X   X 100ppm

The 12DA uses the FF-120 regulator providing a flow rate of 0.5 litre/minute.

Non corrosive mixtures have a two year shelf life while H2S cylinders have six months.

CAC GAS now supplies calibration gas cylinders from 12 to 7,500 Litre capacities meeting all customer applications and requirements.

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