New ‘Muscle Machine’ Sai Motor

Supplied by: Custom Fluidpower

Sai has recently carried out a successful development program resulting in doubling the power rating of the motors and drastically increasing the already high operating efficiency.

The result?  A motor suitable for the fastest transmission in its range.  This awe-inspiring development sees BV1, variable displacement motors, rotating at speeds of up to 5000rpm, driving machines as heavy as 9 tonnes at speeds in excess of 40km/h! 

This ‘muscle machine’ takes advantage of the state of the art technical advances achieved through this rigorous development program and as a result offers high starting torque and exceptionally high maximum speed.  Furthermore, the flexibility offered, via the ratio of five to one between maximum and minimum displacement, increases the overall efficiency of the transmission, thus reducing fuel consumption, heat generation and running costs. 

The BV1 constant power (cp) motor is a further development of the BV1 variable displacement motor.  A constant power valve automatically regulates the motor displacement to satisfy the torque requirement at the output shaft, while keeping a constant power output.  Using this motor type, after installation, no manual control is required and the system offers a more suitable response to the application requirements.

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