On Demand Flow Regulator - ODFR-1001

The ODFR-1001 On Demand Flow Regulator, is the regulator solution for gas calibration of built in sample draw instruments or docking station applications with internal pumps.

Capable of gas flows from 0.3-3.0 litres/min.,  the ODFR-1001 regulator is able to be used with a wide range of gas detection instruments and gas analysers.  

While connected to gas cylinders, the ODFR-1001 will only flow gas when a vacuum is created matching the flow requirements of the gas instrument.

Available in chromed plated brass and stainless steel, the ODFR-1001 is usable with all gas types whether corrosive or non corrosive.

Designed to be used with CAC’s Gas Distribution Systems, the ODFR-1001 becomes part of a multiple point gas distribution system ideal for docking station and bump test stations.

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