Personal Scales | Model 1650

Supplied by: QWM / Accuweigh

Personal Scales are very common scales found in most Australian bathrooms. However, while most of us use them on occasions, some people with medical conditions rely on them for health reasons.

The quality of personal weighers range from inexpensive, "bathroom-quality" scales to very high quality scales suitable for dieticians and medical professionals.

Features of Personal Scales | Model 1650:

  • Digital display reading, 25mm high liquid crystal display Black digits on grey background).
  • Capacity 136kg x 0.2kg (note that digital scales generally have smaller divisions than mechanical scales - compare the Model 1800, for example).
  • Displays both kilograms and stones/pounds.
  • Strain gauge (electronic) sensor.
  • Similar profile to the Model 1800, but for those who like a digital readout as opposed to a mechanical dial readout
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