Pipe Ramming - Pneumatic Pipe Ramming

Supplied by: Vermeer

Rammers are available in sizes from 4" to 24".

All tools from 7" to 24" feature air reverse.

The patented Tailbolt System and clamped rear anvil system provides a strong rear joint and allows the tool to be easily maintained even in the field.

Ramming collets offer a full 6" of engagement to the steel casing vs. a tapered cone to casing joint, securely locking the tool nose to the casing eliminating the need for a support cradle. The 6" of engagement reduces casing flare saving time on the job.

HammerHead rammers are easily removed from collets using the reverse feature of the tool.

Collet lifters are available for larger sized collets to simplify the collet installation process.

Dual purpose capabilities: All HammerHead Pipe Ramming systems are adaptable to perform pipe bursting.

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