Plug-in Signal Line Surge Protectors | SL

Supplied by: Novaris

The Novaris SL range of Plug-in-Signal Line Surge Protectors provides surge protection for any twisted pair signalling schemes.

Ideal for the protection of PLCs, fire and security systems, telecommunications and telemetry systems, railway signalling, etc.

The SL range of Plug-in Signal Line Surge Protectors offers the following advantages:

  • Plug-in surge protection modules for easy replacement and testing.
  • Slimline design only 7mm wide. Makes retrofitting easy.
  • Can replace 2 standard 4mm terminals with room to spare.
  • High energy gas discharge tube (GDT) as primary protection.
  • Multistage protection with guaranteed clamping voltage.
  • Failsafe design. In the event of a module failure the circuit will open.
  • A variety of base configurations is available that can directly connect to the DIN rail for a low impedance protective earth.
  • Alternatively via a GDT earth clamp where isolation under normal operation is required.
  • There is a fully isolated earth model and a relay base.
  • A 9 way comb provides for easy interconnection.
  • To accompany the SL series of signal line protectors is a series surge protector (SSP) suitable for protecting 12V or 24V power supplies and loads up to 3A.
  • A series of plug-in interposing relays is available.



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