Power Factor Correction System Service & Maintenance

Supplied by: AGL Electroserve

Regular Service and checking is very important with power factor correction systems.

The life expectancy of a "detuned" power factor correction system, designed correctly, should be over 12 years, but this can be extended with regular care and maintenance.

Electroserv Pty Ltd service and repair all brands of Power Factor Correction and back this up with detailed reporting and extended warranty.  We also perform harmonic and energy usage/demand analysis plus reporting with costed recommendations. To identify the problems associated with the power factor systems mounted we recommend a full check and report of the system.

This includes, but not limited to, the following:

  • Switch off system after internal and external temperature checks.
  • Clean and Vacuum all internal and external parts including fan filters.
  • Remove contactor tops and inspect for contact wear, clean contacts, where applicable.
  • Check capacitance of each capacitor and record.
  • Check (and adjust if necessary) all connections to contactors, capacitors, fuses controller and reactors.
  • Re-energise system and check current (true RMS) and Harmonics drawn by each capacitor step. Check voltage level and fuses.
  • Ensure Fans are extracting clean air.
  • Written Report, this includes any recommendations with associated costs.
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