Richmond Stainless Steel Roller Flex Conveyor

Supplied by: Richmond Wheel & Castor Co

Perfect for Washdown applications!

The Flex Conveyor is a conveyor system designed for versatility as it can expand, contract and can form an ‘s’ shape to a circle. Adjustable height legs, castor brakes and the ability to be joined with other Flex Conveyors make for quick set up and endless possibilities.

Skate and Roller options ensure that right product is available for your requirement. The Flex Conveyor is designed to ensure that goods being transported on the conveyor are self-tracking.

Container loading/unloading, Food processing, Warehousing and Shelf packing down aisles, Richmond’s Flex Conveyor is for you

Stainless Roller Flex Conveyor

  • Full stainless construction making it perfect for food proccessing and the harsh demands of wash down style applications
  • Products follow direction of conveyor for safe and efficent movement of goods
  • Features include: castor brakes. adjustable legs, extension range from 2.4m to 3.9m. Can be easily and securely joined to other flex conveyors
  • More sizes and options available
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