Shipping Container Weighers

Supplied by: QWM / Accuweigh

QWM / Accuweigh Pty Ltd manufactures a purpose-built Shipping Container Weigher to suit ISO Shipping Containers. The Weigher uses four weighbridge-style loadcells and incorporates a number of innovative safety features. The weigher is typically calibrated to 40t x 0.02t.

The Shipping Container Weigher is constructed of mild steel using Universal Beams and Parallel Flange Channels making it very sturdy and hard-wearing. The Weigher has an accuracy better than ±0.05% and can be calibrated to a range of capacities (such as 30t x 0.01t or 40t x 0.02t).

The Shipping Container Weigher can be located on any solid, level and stable surface and the Weigher's mounting feet allow for permanent installation with four anchor holes in each foot.

The Weigher's loading pads (one at each corner) are generously sized giving loading personnel a good tolerance when placing the containers on the Weigher. Stop plates on the two rear loading pads prevent the container from being pushed off the rear of the Weigher during loading and unloading, further assisting the placement of the container.

HIGHLIGHTS of Shipping Container Weighers:

  • Suits standard ISO 20ft x 8ft shipping containers (40ft Weigher also available)
  • Hot-dipped galvanised finish as standard
  • Four weighbridge-styled loadcells (stainless steel, IP-65 environmental rating, lightning protection, and intrinsically safe)
  • Integrated transportation locking bolts for easy relocation
  • National Measurement Institute (NMI) Approved for trade weighing (for buying and selling product)
  • Adjustable transverse and longitudinal restraining bolts to limit movement and protect the loadcells

OPTIONS of Shipping Container Weighers:

  • Integrated general-purpose weighing area can be used to weigh pallets and other non-containerised items.
  • Damage protection barrier to prevent damage by forklift trucks during loading and unloading, as well as other site vehicles

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