Stoko Earth Friendly Skin Care Products

Supplied by: Pryme Australia

Pryme and STOKO Skin Care is committed to ensuring our products meet and maintain Earth- Friendly standards.

Certified Earth Friendly Products

Those products which meet the stringent guidelines of being biodegradable and containing no solvents or other harmful ingredients. They will not damage the earth after use, nor will they be harmful to people during use.

See the range below and ask us for FREE samples and trials of these great EARTH FRIENDLY products.

Before Work Products
  • Arretil®
  • Travabon®
  • Durapro®
  • Stokoderm®
  • Stoko® Emulsion
  • Stoko® UV
Heavy Duty Industrial Skin Cleansers
  • Solopol®
  • Kresto® Select
Conditioning Products
  • Stokolan®
  • Stoko® Lotion
  • Stoko® Vitan Cream
Light Duty General Use
  • Estesol® Hair & Body
  • Stoko® Gel Instant Hand Sanitizer
  • Stoko Refresh™ Foam Soap Product Line
  • Stoko Spray® Soap Product Line
...and these Fragrance and Dye Free Products
  • Estesol® Clear
  • Estesol® FH
  • Stoko® Gel Free
  • Stoko Refresh™ Dye & Fragrance Free Foam
  • Stoko Spray® Antibacterial Soap
  • Stoko® Vitan Lotion
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