Trailer Mounted Compressors 100-400cfm

Supplied by: CAPS Australia

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of diesel compressors, Airman’s superior engineering is well suited to Australia’s climatic conditions. Locally manufactured trailer components are only used, which ensures that they fully comply with Australian standards and are a pleasure to tow.

Durable & Reliable Construction 
Powder coated finish with stainless steel hardware. Optimised power transmission - engine is directly coupled to the airend.

Airman Compressors have a low noise level of 65dBA at 7 metres when idling. They also meet tough EPA Tier 2 emission standards.

Fuel economy is maximised and component wear is minimised via a low engine idle as low as 1,300 RPM (this is less than half the speed of some other makes).

Convenient Access & Storage
Gull-wing style doors mounted on the sides of Airman compressors allow easy access to mechanics and daily maintenance can be easily completed with one-hand operation. Gas struts have been fitted to ensure the doors are easily lifted for access to storage and service components.

Electrical Fuel Primer & Air Bleed (EFPA) Pump 
The air is automatically primed and bled out of the system without opening injector lines if the compressor runs out of fuel. This results in reduced downtime and service calls.

Maintenance made easier & faster
? Side by side radiator and oil cooler makes the Airman Compressor easier to clean and more efficient.
? External oil/air filter together with cartridge-type fuel filter enable service time and costs to be kept to a minimum.
? No tools are required due to hand operated compressor oil and fuel drains.
? Water and engine oil are removed from the outside of the machine.
? All maintenance areas are designed for ease of inspection, maintenance and repair.

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