Ultrahawke’s Shipping Container Scales For Toll SPD

Supplied by: Ultrahawke

Shipping Container Scales measuring 6.3m x 2.6m were recently installed at Toll’s Eastern Creek depot for accurately weighing all shipping containers entering and leaving the facility.

The heavy duty design of Ultrahawke’s 30,000kg capacity Shipping Container Scales incorporates a heavy concrete weigh deck which provides an excellent dampening effect to shock loads caused by forklifts accidentally bumping the Shipping Container Scales while loading and unloading the heavy shipping containers.

The frame of the Shipping Container Scales is fully galvanised and is factory fitted with bondek and reinforcing mesh in the factory prior to arriving on site to allow a civil contractor to pour the integral concrete deck without requiring extra formwork.

Four Flintec RC3 30,000kg weighbridge loadcells are pre-installed and the Shipping Container Scales also features a full perimeter nudge rail to prevent collision damage.

Ultrahawke is Australia’s largest and oldest manufacturer of heavy duty weighing equipment and has a dedicated team of sales and service agents in all states providing full after sales service and support on Shipping Container Scales, weighbridges and heavy duty platform scales.

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