Wheel Weighers

Supplied by: QWM / Accuweigh

Wheel weighers are used to weigh vehicle wheels either individually or as a combination (an axle). Wheel weighers are generally small, lightweight weigh pads, allowing them to easily be transported and placed in any area that is firm and level.

Wheel weighers can be an economical alternative to full-length weighbridges and axle weighers. They are not as accurate as a weighbridge, however, because part of the vehicle remains off the weigher, and therefore small errors are introduced due to gravity and friction.

Their appeal is mostly due to their portability, that is, their ability to be easily relocated with the only requirement being a flat, solid surface to place them on. Most wheel weigher weigh pads are constructed with cast aluminium casings, making them both strong and light.

QWM / Accuweigh supplies the off-the-shelg wheel weighers and can fabricate custom-made weigh pads to suit unique applications. For further information, please see our wheel weighers page on our web site.

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