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A cost saving alternative to road stabilisation

Supplier: Earthco Projects By: Earthco Projects Pty Ltd
12 May, 2011

The new, tough federal budget has been released and money is tight.

The focus is on cutting spending around the country, and this affects roads too.

Increasing haulage costs, the cost of purchasing raw material, closure of pits and restrictions on opening new sources of gravel are causing headaches for local and state government authorities when sourcing suitable material for road maintenance and construction. In this environment road standards begin to suffer, bringing maintenance up to quality is increasingly difficult and in many cases more frequent maintenance is required.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is a cost saving alternative.

The workability and performance of sub-standard materials can be vastly improved by adding PolyCom. In most cases this enables road builders to use materials already available on site. Using in-situ materials means that there is a drastic reduction in the need to source and import new materials. This is reflected in significant cost savings.

PolyCom is not a traditional stabilising method. It produces results comparable to cement or lime but it’s easy to use, non-toxic and economical. A PolyCom pavement is high quality, longer lasting and resistant to water and traffic damage.

There are many pressing road problems that urgently need to be addressed and there is usually a road nearby that has addressed these problems successfully with PolyCom Stabilising Aid. We’ll point you in the right direction.