Accelerator Free Nitrile Disposable Glove | N-Dex Free 7705PFT

Supplier: Showa

The N-Dex Free nitrile disposable glove is the perfect choice for those who need to wear disposable gloves, but may have an allergy to latex or accelerators.

It is the most supple, comfortable and durable nitrile disposable glove on the market.

The N-Dex Free is the world's first accelerator free disposable nitrile glove.

  • Free from the accelerators common in all disposable nitrile gloves, which have been linked to workplace conditions like type IV dermatitis
  • Free from natural rubber latex and type I allergic reactions linked to latex proteins
  • N-Dex Free creates a luminous, fun, yet PPE conscious high visibility green glove. Great for jobs where increased visibility and colour coded operations are critical
  • Textured finger tips for greater grip
  • Patented low modulus for great comfort
  • Suitable for laboratory, pharmaceutical, industrial and medical applications
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