Access heights safely and easily

Supplied by: Kerrect
09 January, 2012

What do you do if mechanical plant, scaffold or conventional height access equipment isn’t practical ?

Before reaching for the ‘too hard’ basket consider this:

Nearly all high and difficult access areas can be reached safely and easily using Industrial Rope Access and Height Safety techniques, allowing works to be carried out thoroughly and effi ciently with little or no disruption below. What if you could paint those areas previously left unpainted, provide scheduled maintenance to those areas most exposed to the elements, inspect structures to their very top, remove or repair concrete spalling before it falls, install lighting or cameras where they are most effective? What if the ‘too hard’ basket could be emptied? Kerrect Group offer Unique Solutions for Unique Situations, by specialising in three key areas of Height Safety, Specialist Access and Safety Netting.


Our value engineered height safety, roof access and fall protection solutions enable you to protect your workers at height and support their particular work requirements. From initial consultation, our site specific solutions are mindful of your needs and those of your workers, resulting in a logical solution which is easy to use and within your investment budget. Our passive systems such as handrails, walkways, platforms and access ladders combined with fall arrest systems such as harness rails, anchor points and static lines enable your workers to carry out their duties safely and routinely to otherwise high risk locations. Our annual system certifi cation and comprehensive training packages ensure you and your workers remain compliant with current Australian Standards and ‘safe work at height‘ practices, allowing you the peace of mind to focus on the task in hand.


Our industrial rope access and lightweight access equipment enable us to carry out quality works safely and efficiently in areas you may once have considered inaccessible. The applications of our access techniques are limited only by your imagination. Our qualified technicians are skilled in their respective trades and fields and our rope access techniques are performed to International (IRATA) and Australian Standards (AS/NZS 4488). Whether routine maintenance or unscheduled works, we help you transform ‘what can’t be done’ into ‘what can be done’.


Our bespoke netting solutions for safety, containment or special effect enable us to capture and contain anything from falling workers to debris and even visual light effects. Our safety and industrial netting solutions are compliant with European Standards (BS-EN 1263), unlimited by size, shape and configuration and can be used to capture and contain in any number of ways. Certified fall arrest netting provides a complete collective catch system protecting workers both above and below, and can be used as a ‘stand alone’ fall protection solution or as secondary back up to your existing safety regime. Combine this with a materials catching overlay and the netting system provides overhead protection to those areas directly beneath, allowing passage or works below to continue unhindered and eliminating the potential downtime of closing those areas to accommodate traditional access plant. Encapsulation or overhead catch netting provides immediate short or long term protection from potential hazards such as loose elements of overhead buildings or structures.
Containment netting provides enclosure of any size to control potential environmental and fire hazards, such as air borne litter in wind affected areas.
Used in storage or high shelving / warehousing areas our netting can protect workers from falling goods whilst protecting falling stock and equipment from damage. Our rope access techniques enable safe and speedy installation of netting in high and difficult access areas, reducing the potential downtime due to overhead hazards.

The Kerrect combination of Safety, Access and Netting solutions lift the ceiling on conventional height access techniques. If you could access the areas previously left untouched, without closure or restrictions to the areas below, wouldn’t this be a benefit to you?

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