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Air Operated Diaphragm Pump | Ramparts

Supplier: Hydro Innovations

Ramparts air driven single diaphragm pumps will operate on sludge and slurry duties that "kill" most other pumps, according to authorised Australian distributor, Hydro Innovations.


Using compressed air and using a spring assisted air cylinder, pumps are available in discharge sizes from 38mm through to 150mm.

Extra thick casings (up to 30mm thick cast iron) along with long lasting diaphragms, combined with run-dry capabilities, make the pump an ideal choice pumping of all manner of sludges and slurries, according to Hydro Innovations' Garry Grant. He also advises that the suction and discharge pressures can be independently set so that energy is not lost on either stroke and diaphragm life is maximised.

Ramparts diaphragm pumps are capable of flows from 1 (one) litre per second through to 20 litres per second and are capable of operating on suction lifts to 6 metres.

They are also able to pump corrosive slurries because they can be completely lined with a variety of compatible elastomeric liners.

Servicing of Ramparts diaphragm pumps is also very easy. Balls and seats of check valves can be replaced in minutes, and a diaphragm can be replaced in an hour. And although these pumps are able to pass large size solids, if anything does get caught in the valves, obstructions can be removes in minutes through the quick-lock cover plates.

Grant says the pumps are most suited to those applications other pumps struggle with.

Applications that are "maintenance headaches" are generally handled with ease by Ramparts diaphragm pumps. Fluids like glass slurries, acid slurries, heavy sludge, and shear sensitive liquids are ideal applications for the pumps.

More information on Ramparts diaphragm pumps can be obtained from Hydro Innovations.