Air Treatment Equipment

Supplier: Stream Australia

Compressed Air contains impurities such as dust and dirt (approximately 80% of these pass through the compressor inlet filter), and water vapour is also present as humidity, concentrated eight times as compared to the air we breath.

These impurities combine with traces of compressor oil to form an abrasive sludge which wears and corrodes bearings and seals in pneumatic tools and equipment.

For this reason it is imperative to include Air Treatment in your system which will protect your equipment. We can assess and advise you as to your particular requirements, please refer to technical department.

Pre-Filters, Final-Filters And Activated Carbon Filters (Breathing Air)

Maxair's offer a large range of multilayer coalescing filters to remove particles, oil and water mists.

Refrigerant Dryers

Dryers cool compressed air to approx 3° dew point and remove condensate before entering pipe system. They must be sized correctly and be rated for Australian conditions.

Dessicant Dryers

Twin tower Dessicant Dryers remove condensate and give very low dewpoints (water vapour). They are mostly used in specialist or medical applications.

Single tower Dessicant Dryers are suitable for general applications. Please refer to Technical Department.

Oil / Water Separators

Treatment of condensate to meet legal discharge requirements.

Filter Regulator, Regulator, Filter Regulator Luricator

  • Full range of Regulators, Filter Regulators and FRL’s available.
  • Auto drain models also available.

Automatic Drains

  • Full range of Automatic Condensate
  • Drains available including bottom entry type.

Nil Air Loss Automatic Drains

  • Electronic sensor drains. 240V.
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