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Alpine Roads Benefit from PolyCom Stabilising Aid

Supplier: Earthco Projects
24 May, 2009

Alpine Shire uses PolyCom Stabilising Aid in innovative road maintenance program.

An excerpt from Alpine Shire Statement on PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

Alpine leads the way on road sealing - 19/5/2009

Alpine Shire Council's use of Polycom in road sealing has now been included in the latest edition of the unsealed roads manual from the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB).

Council's Manager Engineering and Assets, Andrew Taylor said this was the latest acknowledgement of innovative practises taken on board by the Shire's operations staff.

"Essentially we are putting a polymer into our road surfacing mix which is more flexible than regular methods using cement or lime. It allows the road surface to compact very well resulting in less cracks and breaks. This results in the road requiring less maintenance and the Council saves money," Mr Taylor said.

"Council officers started trialling this in the Alpine Shire about four years ago to extend the life of unsealed roads and there has been interest about our work from neighbouring councils, including East Gippsland, Moira, Mansfield, Wangaratta, Benalla and Indigo," he said.

"We first started using this as a basic application on unsealed road stabilisation. Since then we have expanded the polymer's use to include emulsion sealing of gravel roads. It's a lower cost alternative to traditional hot bitumen seal because it can be done by council staff and produces less emissions and is better for the environment."

Mr Taylor said the new process meant that more unsealed roads were now being treated, resulting in improved quality of Alpine Shire roads.