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Analyser | ABB Limas23

Supplier: HMA Group

Limas23- the clever solution for measuring NOx, SOx. This specialist measures the components NOx as NO and NO2 without the use of a converter.


Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are considered to be environmentally relevant gases, which cause harm to human beings and environment. NOx emissions are therefore limited.  Energy generators, such as power stations, refuse incineration plants and boilers, are typical emission sources, but cars, aircraft and ships and some chemical processes also emit NOx.

The Limas23 continuously measures the components NO and NO2 without using a converter, as well as the third component SO2, with detection limits of less than 0.5 ppm by the highest measured value stability.

The Limas23 can be combined with a Magnos206 for paramagnetic oxygen measurement or an electrochemical O2 sensor in the same EasyLine housing. As a result, the customer acquires a compact solution which performs the O2 reference measurement required for emission monitoring at the same time.

The Limas23 is extremely low-maintenance and user-friendly. As a result of the ruggedized design of the UV photometer, the elaborate utilities required in the competing CLD process, as well as consumables and the usual NOx converters are a thing of the past. In addition to this, the Limas23 anticipates imminent maintenance work by means of status signals, so that the operator is always informed of the reliability of his analyzer in good time.

As a UV photometer, the values measured by the Limas23 are not influenced by H2O or CO2 fractions in the sample gas. The Limas23 is automatically calibrated with atmospheric air and gas-filled adjusting cells which have proven their long-term stability in tests over many years. The well-known unreliability of NOx test gas bottles is no longer an issue.

Please contact POGC Sensor Technology - HMA Group for a proposed solution for your particular application.