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Are drugs involved?

Supplier: Dräger
13 February, 2007

Dräger DrugCheckTM gives you the answer in ten minutes

Dräger Safety (Lübeck) presents the new Dräger DrugCheck for the detection of drug use. The test is capable of simultaneously detecting six different drugs in one oral fluid sample (e.g. cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, methamphetamines, phencyclidine and cannabinoids) and can be used directly in situ. It offers particularly sensitive detection of ?9-THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, hashish and hashish oil.

The result is available in just ten minutes.

Straightforward and safe collection, testing and storage of the oral fluid samples are the hallmarks of the Dräger DrugCheck.

No embarrassing procedures; tampering impossible

The new test kit for drug detection was developed selectively for oral fluid samples. The test is easy to perform, and does not involve any embarrassing procedures for the test subject. Tampering of the sample or any distortion of the result is virtually impossible, thus helping to create the necessary atmosphere of trust between promoter or client and test subject during drug monitoring, e.g. in drug prevention campaigns and rehabilitation measures, access and security checks.

The obtained samples can be analysed directly on site, or at a later time (e.g. for the purposes of a secondary or confirmation analysis in a laboratory). The test system ensures hygienic and drip-free disposal of the test kit components, and guarantees reliable storage and safe transport.

The Dräger DrugCheck™ represents an economical solution which makes an important contribution to quality assurance in your working of substance-abuse, -prevention, -therapy, -rehabilitation, -monitoring and –sanction.