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Area monitors support safety concepts & cut operating costs

Supplier: Dräger
24 May, 2011

Portable gas monitors are an important component within industries to ensure safe working conditions.

The use of transportable area monitors on industrial construction sites is highly economical and at the same time it increases the safety standard. Though, this generates a tremendous interest for safety engineers. With the introduction of the system Dräger X-zone 5000, a new application spectrum to simplify safety-related processes arises. 

Sparks an underrated hazard

Hot work includes operations such as electric arc and gas welding, brazing, torch cutting, grinding (large portable grinders on metal), and torch soldering with an open flame. These operations create heat, sparks, and/or hot slag that have the potential to ignite flammable and combustible materials in the work area. The Dräger X-zone 5000 is the ideal solution for Hot Work safety and cost effectiveness: the atmosphere in the actual work area is continuously monitored with the Dräger X-Zone 5000.