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Hot MIG & TIG Welders  28/10/2014
Hot MIG & TIG Welders
Metal inert gas (MIG) and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welders are critical components of many industries. Finding the right option can be time-consuming, but proper research will help ...
Top Consumables & Accessories Industrial Businesses Need
Industrial consumables and accessories cover many shapes, sizes and applications, but one thing they have in common is their important place across a broad range of manufacturing ...
Manufacturing metal parts: stamping vs fabrication
Deciding how to manufacture metal parts using either metal stamping or repetition fabrication techniques is an important decision that ultimately affects the design, quality, timing, ...
Warning issued for Aust-China FTA
Industry has urged the federal government to only proceed with an Australia-China FTA after thorough and genuine consideration has been given to the impact it will have on the local ...
6 Reasons Part Numbering has Become Important in Manufacturing
In today's environment, a wide range of issues need to be considered as manufacturers look for their competitive edge.
What to do when a hazardous substance is spilled
Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations define hazardous substances as those that, if exposed, can have an adverse effect on health. Examples include poisons and carcinogens, along ...
6 Welding Safety Tips That Work
Welding safety is a universal concern, regardless of the type of welding being performed. Safety threats come in the form of contaminated air and the potential for eye and skin ...
Manufacturers urged to drive high performance work practices
SME manufacturers stand to gain significantly from high performance work practices, but most workplaces still have a long way to go before they reap the full benefits, according to ...
6 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Dust Collector
Taking the time to evaluate your needs and the options available for dust collection will provide benefits for many years.
'Green steel' tech saves 2m tyres from landfill
A technology known as 'green steel' achieved a major milestone recently with its use in Australia preventing more than two million waste rubber tyres from ending up in landfill.
Aust firms 'more optimistic' about next 12 months
Australian businesses are confident about their prospects for growth with the majority predicting an increase in turnover in the next twelve months, according to research published ...
7 Great Ways to Motivate Your Team
Your team is your most valuable business asset. Keeping them engaged, motivated and satisfied should be your highest priority as a manager. Here are 7 great ways I get the most from ...
Selecting the right helmet for welding
With so many different applications for welding and grinding, it pays to choose the right helmet for the job
Advanced manufacturing "critical" to Australia's economic success
Australia's manufacturing sector has been given a significant boost with the announcement that Australia's largest additive manufacturing hub is now 'open for business'.
New CSIRO head will guide organisation through tough times: govt
There was an air of optimism following the CSIRO's announcement entrepreneur Dr Larry Marshall had been appointed as its new chief executive, with Minister for Industry Ian Macfarlane ...
Australian manufacturing: are we ready for the information age?
Australia needs to play to its strengths and transition from traditional manufacturing into new areas of competitive advantage, a white paper from the CSIRO has suggested.
Future mining: harvesting metal from plants
Future generations of miners could harvest metals from trees by capitalising on the ability of some plants to isolate and accumulate metals in their shoots.
Manufacturing slows further in September: Australian PMI
The Australian Industry Group Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index (Australian PMI) remained in negative territory in September, slipping 0.8 points to 46.5, indicating a ...
Manufacturing shows "renewed vigour" among SME gains
Australia's SME sector is consolidating the gains of the last 12 months, with one of the highest revenue performances in the last three years and those experiencing revenue declines ...
5 Great Ways to Keep Your Work Kitchen Clean
We all use the workplace kitchen, whether it is once a day to prepare your lunch or several times a day for that much-needed caffeine hit.
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