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Using thermography in research and development
The main task for the R&D department is to accelerate the development times of new products without making compromises regarding quality and safety in the process.
Manufacturers urged to drive high performance work practices
SME manufacturers stand to gain significantly from high performance work practices, but most workplaces still have a long way to go before they reap the full benefits, according to ...
UV disinfection in the food, beverage and brewing industries
In an increasingly regulated and safety-conscious market, the food, beverage and brewing industries have to meet ever more stringent standards of quality.
Pedestrian sensor 'could' mean better safety at crossings
An innovative project at a busy retail park in the UK could provide the blueprint for a new approach to pedestrian safety.
Aust firms 'more optimistic' about next 12 months
Australian businesses are confident about their prospects for growth with the majority predicting an increase in turnover in the next twelve months, according to research published ...
7 Great Ways to Motivate Your Team
Your team is your most valuable business asset. Keeping them engaged, motivated and satisfied should be your highest priority as a manager. Here are 7 great ways I get the most from ...
Advanced manufacturing "critical" to Australia's economic success
Australia's manufacturing sector has been given a significant boost with the announcement that Australia's largest additive manufacturing hub is now 'open for business'.
Making your winery energy efficient
Australia's leading winery owners care about energy efficient wine making as they need to cut on costs to compete both locally and internationally.
Thermal imaging cameras in the food industry
In the food industry, it's essential to carefully control the temperature of perishable goods throughout production, transportation, storage and sales.
Thermal imaging used for high-performance electrical racing car design
Every year, engineering students from around the world are challenged to design and build a single-seat racing car in order to demonstrate their knowledge and talent.
Australian manufacturing: are we ready for the information age?
Australia needs to play to its strengths and transition from traditional manufacturing into new areas of competitive advantage, a white paper from the CSIRO has suggested.
Time of the essence, but is faster always better in food processing?
When it comes to food processing and manufacturing, time is of the essence. The faster your facility operates, the more products you can output, which means elevated revenues along ...
Manufacturing shows "renewed vigour" among SME gains
Australia's SME sector is consolidating the gains of the last 12 months, with one of the highest revenue performances in the last three years and those experiencing revenue declines ...
5 Great Ways to Keep Your Work Kitchen Clean
We all use the workplace kitchen, whether it is once a day to prepare your lunch or several times a day for that much-needed caffeine hit.
The rewards of serialisation
Serialisation is an excellent way to verify authenticity and trace products to the consumer level.
Using thermal imaging as an effective airport security tool
Thermal imaging can be an effective mass-screening device for detecting individuals with an elevated body temperature in large groups.
Are you compromising your UV disinfection performance?
With the UV industry maturing considerably over the last decade, and the use of UV disinfection for water treatment becoming quite widespread, it is timely to look at some common ...
Australian manufacturers 'equipped' with stronger research ties
Australian businesses now have access to the expertise and experience to build stronger connections between industry and science under the Research Connections stream of the Government's ...
Temperature monitoring reduces costly repairs for beater wheel mills
Victorian power station installs temperature monitoring equipment to keep down time and repairs to a minimum.
Govt invests $50m to expand higher-value manufacturing
The Australian government has now opened applications for the "Manufacturing Transition Programme", a $50 million initiative aimed at continuing the Australian manufacturing industry's ...
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