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Is automation manufacturing gloom?
Automation in manufacturing is a tricky subject, both economically and emotionally.
7 'Waste Reduction' Tips for Manufacturing Facilities in 2015
No, this article won't tell you how to get rid of your rubbish. Well, it will – but not the rubbish you think.
5 Considerations for Importing Products
Does your business have its eye on a great new product from overseas?
India-Aust trade push 'another win' for bilateralism
Australia's trade mission to India under Andrew Robb last week provided a much-needed impetus to conclude an Australia-India free trade agreement in 2015 – another APAC victory for ...
Next-gen 'cobots' could change manufacturing
Industrial robots have long been considered hulking, highly specialised pieces of machinery that are cordoned off by cages from human factory workers.
4 Important Features A Thermal Imager Should Have
Thermal imagers will definitely be the next big ticket item across many businesses and industries in the coming years.
Top engineering trends examined in NI's new report
Technology pioneer National Instruments recently announced the release of NI Trend Watch 2015.
Why you need a Job Description for each employee
It is not uncommon for employees to see their Job Description during the interview and initiation, yet never set eyes upon it again. However, this is a wasted opportunity that could ...
What is 'buddy fraud' and how can you avoid it?
Buddy fraud – aka 'buddy clocking' or 'buddy punching' – is the act of colleagues inputting pin codes or swiping cards to 'clock in' (or out) on behalf of their friends.
Industries set to fall in 2015
As Australian companies enter the new year, there are a few industries for which 2015 may well turn out to be annus horribilis.
Industries set to fly in 2015
As Australian companies enter the new year, business information analysts reveal the industries expected to soar.
Has your business ever succumbed to the 'banana problem'?
The 'banana problem' comes from the story of the little girl who said, "I know how to spell 'banana', I just don't know when to stop. B-A-N-A-N-A-N-A-N.... "
Well-connected workers 'able to adapt' to negative change
Contrary to popular belief, some workers can adapt well to pressures caused by changes in the workplace, new research has suggested.
Manufacturing slips back into contraction
An indication of another contraction in conditions across the manufacturing sector, the Ai Group Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index (Australian PMI) fell by 3.2 points to ...
Anti-dumping reforms establish 'level playing field' for Aust firms
The federal government is strengthening Australia's anti-dumping system with a range of reforms to ensure Australian industry is in the strongest position to compete on a level ...
Shaky Budget at mercy of commodity price windfall: MYEFO
A third term of Coalition government would bring the Budget back to surplus, figures from the federal government's Mid-year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) released on Monday ...
AUSTECH 2015: 75% of floor space 'already booked'
A telltale sign of its burgeoning popularity, 75 per cent of floor space has already been booked for AUSTECH 2015 – a pace which is even further than the record set by the event in ...
When is it time to outsource your manufacturing?
Most manufacturers outsource some element of their production line, be it raw materials, inventory management, assembly or distribution.
Korea-Aust FTA 'early Christmas gift' for local firms
Australian businesses can now take full advantage of opportunities with the nation's fourth largest trading partner, with the Korea–Australia Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA) entering ...
World's first international compliance standard published
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published on 5 December the world's first international standard for compliance management, ISO 19600 Compliance Management ...
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