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Industry at centre of new training development arrangements
The Assistant Minister for Education and Training, Senator Simon Birmingham, has announced new arrangements for training product development at the Australian Industry Group in ...
'Country to company' missions key to Australian SME growth
Australian businesses would benefit enormously if Government trade and investment strategies focused more on "country to company" facilitation, the Chairman of the Australian Advanced ...
Optimising forklift safety and efficiency | Part 2
In this series of three articles we discuss how you can optimise forklift safety and efficiency for your business.
6 Benefits of Regular One-to-One Staff Meetings
Right now you're probably spinning in your swivel chair at the mere thought of that headline. What? One-on-one meetings with all my staff? Correct.
How to buy the right small business computers
Computers are the engine room of any business. Too small and you'll roll along pleasantly enough, but your competitors will sail on by.
Manufacturing process expert joins NMW's distinguished speakers
Bob Sproull is set to present on practices that erode manufacturer profit and the best ways to improve them.
Hands-free system revolutionises Copenhagen Airport bulk baggage flow
Annoyed passengers and an increase in compensation cases for handlers are some of the difficulties facing the aviation industry today. Behind the scenes of a busy airport, airline ...
Manufacturing falters despite lift in exports: Australian PMI
The performance of the Australian manufacturing sector continued to falter in March, with the Australian Industry Group Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index (Australian PMI) ...
How to create an evacuation procedure
It happens. And it happens far too often. Disaster can strike any business at any time, and does. The best advice is to expect the unexpected and be prepared for anything.
How to hone your eye for talent in the interview process
Job interviews, they make or break careers; they can be the beginning of dreams and the stuff of nightmares. Yet they are an essential cog in the business machine, generating the ...
What to look for in an overseas manufacturing partner
So you've got a great new product you believe is going to turn the Australian market on its head and maybe even do some decent business worldwide. Now you're looking for someone to ...
How fuel additives help address rising prices at the pump
IndustrySearch spoke to Kevin Carpenter from Lubrication Solutions P/L – XSNano Australia about how fuel additives can increase the power of your vehicle, reduce harmful emissions ...
Industry and Science portfolio cuts almost $220 million in red tape
Action to cut red tape has delivered almost $220 million to Australian businesses in the Industry and Science portfolio, according to the Australian Government.
How to encourage team members to take ownership of goals
You can see it. It's there, but it's not quite there. It's happening, but somehow it's only sort of happening. It's getting success, but it's not giving anyone real satisfaction.
NMW 2015 a catalyst for industry growth
Registration is now open for National Manufacturing Week 2015 (May 26 - 29, Melbourne), Australia's biggest – and longest-running – manufacturing industry event.
Leading PVC manufacturer relies on efficient packaging technology
Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG is embracing the change from the old standard of shrink wrapping systems to new age and innovative design of BEUMER's stretch hoods.
Rough terrain requires use of mules
Despite the topographic and logistical obstacles of engineering through the terrains of Chinese Sichuan, the BEUMER group delivers the Intralogistic systems to meet the needs of the ...
How to Choose the Air Compressor You Need
If you're in the market for an air compressor, there's certainly no shortage of options. But that's the problem – there are too many options, a mind boggling array as diverse as ...
Services sector expands for first time in a year: Australian PSI
The services sector expanded for the first time in 12 months in February, with the Australian Industry Group Australian Performance of Services Index (Australian PSI) improving by ...
6 Methodologies Innovative Businesses Use to Stay Ahead of the Curve
Originally derived from the manufacturing industry these methodologies have been used across a variety of sectors to reduce waste, promote innovation and increase efficiency.
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