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Automation & Control Feature Articles

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WIKA aquires KD Instruments based in Australia
WIKA Australia is pleased to advise the business acquisition of KD Instruments (KD) as of the 1st of April, 2016.
How to build great Quality Control (QC) into your organisation
Quality: it's one of those overused words we apply to everything – homes, food, fabrics, cars, relationships; you name it, in some way we try to attach quality to it.
Tips for Buying Pallet Trucks and Jacks
Okay, so you’re a small business on the up and up, but your warehouse aisles are more supermarket than superhighway.
Spotlight on presenteeism: 6 things you might not know
Presenteeism means employees attending work while ill, or otherwise disengaged and unproductive. Shining a spotlight on the issue, we’ve compiled a list of things you might not know ...
Avoid these seven deadly sins when choosing a time & attendance system
As the saying goes, you make your choices then your choices make you. Is your business looking to implement a time and attendance system? Make sure you avoid these ‘Seven Deadly ...
Manufacturing confidence surges due to strong performance
Australia's manufacturers have started the new year with a surge of confidence after a sharp jump in the March quarter across a range of measures of performance in the Australian ...
NMW 2016: Paving the way to new markets
How could your business prosper with the help of Australia's national science agency?
How to design your warehouse for maximum profit
It pays to make time for ‘time in motion.’ In other words, spend the time it takes now to organise your warehouse into an exemplary ‘time in motion’ study and you’ll soon reap the ...
Tips for Buying Protective Clothing
Buying the right protective gear can be about as fraught as trying to outfit a wedding party. There are all kinds of jobs and potential hazards to consider, not to mention some hefty ...
The case for mental health days
‘Relax, you’ll be more productive’. This is the title of Tony Schwartz’ opinion piece published in The New York Times, in which he somewhat controversially puts forward concepts such ...
Five tips for hitting the recharge button
Relaxation and good vibes of the Christmas/ New Year holidays beginning to wear off? Here are a few helpful hints and tips for hitting the recharge button to get you working hard ...
How to prevent niggling workplace injuries that cost time
We all hear about the workplace tragedies that make the papers and take a huge toll on families and employers alike.
How to choose the right materials handling equipment
Are you a new warehouse or factory with a blank canvass? Or are you an established operation looking to upgrade?
The advantages of diaphragm pressure gauges and their application
When conventional pressure measurement technology is reaching its limits, diaphragm pressure gauges come into their own with critical measuring tasks such as with highly corrosive, ...
High quality Australian coal to reduce emissions and boost economy
A new Fact Check report conducted by the ABC has confirmed that Australian coal is the cleanest coal in the world.
How to buy the right Human Machine Interface (HMI) hardware
If you're in the market for an HMI, there are about 250 different brands currently listed on Google so you're not short of options.
Innovative entrepreneurs set to drive Australia's economy
A report released on 25 November 2015 by the Australian Government highlights the key role innovative entrepreneurship needs to play in transforming the nation's economy.
What are the manufacturing jobs of the future?
In an earlier article we discussed whether your next manufacturing employee should be a robot.
NT govt announces construction of gas pipeline to east coast
The Northern Territory Government has selected Jemena Northern Gas Pipeline Pty Ltd to construct and operate the North East Gas Interconnector (NEGI) Pipeline to connect NT gas to ...
World Energy Outlook reports strong demand for Australia's resources
The World Energy Outlook (WEO) released on 10 November 2015 demonstrates the challenge the world faces to meet the demand for energy across the developing world and the crucial role ...
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