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Auto Darkening Welding Helmets | Autolift Red

Supplier: Servore International

Auto Darkening Welding Helmets, Autolift Red is unique patented Autolift system. Weld, chip and grind with one helmet. Highest quality optics. Patented sensor Technology.


Auto Darkening Welding Helmets | Autolift Red

  • Unique patented Autolift system. Weld, chip and grind with one helmet. Highest quality optics. Patented sensor Technology.
  • Unique Auto Lift Design.
  • Now you can weld, chip and grind with one helmet.
  • Easier to use.
  • Better Protection. New X-view cartridge delivers a clearer, crisper view of the weld.
  • See better, weld better, more comfortably.
  • Wide range of plain and decaled finishes to suit every taste.

The new AutoLift welding helmet from Servore raises the bar for welding safety and convenience and because there is no need to use or carry additional eye and face protection the Autolift makes welding, chipping and grinding easier, quicker and safer.

The Servore Autolift has been specially designed to meet the challenges of the modern workplace and features a polycarbonate inner protection lens that meets the high impact resistance requirements of AS/NZ 1337 and the 'B' impact rating for EN 175 and EN166.

But better protection is only part of the story:

The Servore Autolift With the Servore Autolift welding helmet you can not only weld, chip and grind, you can also get a clear, panoramic view of the workplace around you at the touch of a button making work more comfortable and improving convenience as well as general workplace safety.

No wasting time hunting around for goggles and no temptation to continue working without eye and face protection. Better ProtectionSMis built-in and always available with the Servore Autolift and the internal high impact resistant polycarbonate lens (as defined by AS/NZ 1337). Work faster and smarter.

You are protected before, during and after welding from foreign bodies coming into contact with the eye and face significantly reducing the risk of injury when working near other welders. Now you can relax and focus on the job at hand with better protection from Servore.

Because you can set-up more comfortably, accurately and confidently and have a wide field of vision through the inner protection lens you can work faster and improve productivity. Less downtime means improved productivity and earnings.

The Servore Autolift. An investment in safety that pays for itself. Simply Better ProtectionSM

The new Auto Lift from Servore brings it all together in a package that makes better welding and better protection a simple choice.

Get the AutoLift today, it’s no ordinary welding helmet, it’s a better solution from Servore

Better Protection. Better Performance.

The Servore Autolift also features:

  • Industry leading Auto Darkening Filter (ADF) with patented Inner SenseTM Technology.
  • Easy to use external controls for sensitivity, delay and shade adjustment.
  • Dual sensor technology plus Inner Sense RF detection system for increased reliability during out of position and low amp welding.
  • Easily changed inner protection lens is impact and scratch resistant. Replacements are inexpensive and easily available.
  • Easy TouchSM locking system holds front section securely in place but is operated easily even with a gloved hand.
  • X-View Filter
    • The X-View filter cartridge employs special LCD’s and filters to give you a crisp, clean view of your work from almost any angle while special electronic controls deliver a blazingly fast reaction time of only 1/25,000ths of a second.
    • With full time protection against harmful levels of UV and IR light and Servore's reputation for quality and reliability you can work more confidently and produce better welds with better protection.

Technical Data

  • Switching time(light to dark) 1/25,000sec(0.04msec)
  • Shade Level Inactivated Shade# 4
  • Activated Shade #9 ~ #13
  • Sensitivity adjustment Dual sensors plus pre-shading
  • Low-High
    • Switching delay(dark to light) Low:0.3~0.6s Fast:0.1~0.35s
  • Power supply 3V Lithium(CR2032) 2EA
  • User replaceable
    • Battery Life 3000 hours(Approximately)
    • Supplementary power Solar Cells(Auto On/Off)
    • Battery replacement Replaceable(Low battery indicator)
  • Cartridge size 110 x 90mm(4.3 x 3.5 in)
  • Filter window 97 x 46mm(3.8 x 1.8 in)
  • Total weight 560g(19.6oz)
  • Operating temperature -5oC ~ +55oC
  • Storage temperature -20oC ~ +70oC
  • A low battery warning light signals when batteries need to be replaced

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