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Auto Darkening Welding Helmets | Autolift Silver Spider

Supplier: Servore International

Auto Darkening Welding Helmets, Autolift Silver Spider has a sensitivity control to 'tune out' other welders working in the area and avoid the Auto-Darkening Filter (ADF) being triggered by bright work lights etc.


Auto Darkening Welding Helmets | Autolift Silver Spider

  • Unique patented Autolift system. Weld, chip and grind with one helmet. Highest quality optics. Patented sensor Technology.
  •  Revolutionary design. Stunning looks!
  • At last a helmet that combines great looks, brilliant performance and improved safety.
  • Weld chip and grind with one helmet.
  • Easy to use, and live with. Improved peripheral vision and protection.
  • A revolution in welders' eye and face protection. Used as intended the Servore Autolift provides full time eye and face protection against radiation, welding spatter and flying debris from grinding and chipping.
  • Weld with the front section (escutcheon) down, then press the autolift button, grab your grinder and carry on working. No need to change helmets, the panoramic inner protection lens means you can see all around you making working easier, safer and more comfortable.
  • Side mounted controls allow adjustment from shades 9 to 13 with continuously variable sensitivity adjustment and a fast/delay switch for hot work and tack welding.

Features and Specifications of Autolift Silver Spider

  • The Auto Darkening Filter
  • Auto on, Auto off. Just 'wear and weld SM.
  • Sensitivity control to 'tune out' other welders working in the area and avoid the Auto-Darkening Filter (ADF) being triggered by bright work lights etc.
  • Delay control for tack welding or working with processes with high residual heat.
  • Servore's patented Inner SenseTM technology that senses the RF from the welder and darkens the filter almost before the arc is struck.
  • Brilliant clear LCD for reduced eyestrain, increased working comfort and a clearer view of your work before during and after welding.
  • Super safe (Korean made) radiation filter - something all the top brands have in common but not something you find in welding helmets that are made to a price.
  • Brilliant reliable TIG performance - even under demanding conditions - (of course you can take this for granted from Servore).

The Shell and Head Harness

  • Revolutionary design. At the press of a button the whole front section lift smoothly up to reveal the clear polycarbonate inner protection lens. Now you can chip and grind without changing your helmet. Replacement inner protection lenses are inexpensive and easy to fit. Just unclip them from the lugs inside the helmet and snap the new one into place.
  • Front cover lenses are also quick and easy to replace. Just open the side hinged door pop out the cover lens and replace. The auto darkening cartridge can also be removed like this and the inner protection lens replaced.
  • Fully adjustable comfort-flex head harness. No need to fiddle around with replacing sweatbands, just take off the complete head harness and chuck it in the cold wash. Keep a spare head harness assembly and you will always have a clean one handy! Another unique feature of the Servore range!
  • Ultra light, ergonomically designed shell with ProPivot SM balance control. ProPivot allows you to adjust the helmet forwards and back as well as adjust the stop angle of the helmet in the down position making the helmet even more comfortable and reducing the stress put on the neck muscles. With ProPivot you can set the helmet up just the way you want!
  • High impact resistant nylon shell. No skimping on material costs here. No cheap plastics here, only the best super tough high impact resistant nylon providing better protection and improved comfort.

The Package

Spare cover lenses, inner protection lens and comprehensive manual. Three front and two inner cover lenses and one extra inner protection lens come supplied with the helmet.

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