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Autodesk® Vault

Supplier: Autodesk Australia

The Autodesk® Vault products — Autodesk® Vault Workgroup, Autodesk® Vault Collaboration, and Autodesk® Vault Professional software — help design and engineering workgroups manage the creation, simulation, and documentation process.


Securely manage your design data.

  • Cross-disciplinary teams can improve collaboration, with design departments easily creating and sharing information, project leads administrating access and control, and all members tracking changes.
  • Workgroups can maintain control over the digital model at all times, managing access to designs and documentation throughout their lifecycles.
  • Workgroups can centrally organise and manage designs to reduce duplication and confusion, accelerate searches, and minimise risk of overwriting files.

Boost design productivity

  • Quickly find and reuse design data for easier management of design and engineering information.
  • Revision and lifecycle control tools are delivered directly in the design application, enabling faster cycle times and higher-quality engineering data.
  • Because the application can be deployed in days versus months, users can quickly become productive, helping to provide a more rapid return on investment.

Share data with the entire organisation

  • Multisite tools enable growing businesses to connect workgroups across discrete locations.
  • Web client access and Microsoft® SharePoint® integration extend data reach to the entire project team.
  • Advanced functionality enables decision makers to track engineering change orders, manage bills of materials, and promote collaboration through integration to enterprise business systems.


Autodesk® Vault (free application): data management software helps organisations keep track of digital design data.

Autodesk® Vault Workgroup: help design teams easily create and share Digital Prototyping information by securely organising, managing, and tracking data from a central location.

Autodesk® Vault Collaboration: synchronise design data among distributed workgroups, extending the reach of the digital prototype to the entire organisation.

Autodesk® Vault Professional: take full advantage of advanced functionality to track engineering change orders, manage bills of materials (BOMs), and promote earlier collaboration through integration with manufacturing business systems.