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Autoranging Pro Digital 6 in 1 Multimeter CAT IV

Supplier: Cool Tech Testers

This is a Professional CE certified high quality digital multimeter with environmental measurement capabilities and is a brand new product to our 2009 line up.


Autoranging Pro Digital 6 in 1 Multimeter CAT IV

It has numerous functions and as such is not only a CAT IV Electricican's multimeter, but also has a built in temperature measurement function, which can be taken via the supplied K-Type thermocouple or with an optional Infrared probe which is available at extra cost (when in stock).

In addition there is a humidity function as well as sound and light level and a non contact voltage detector, which makes this meter useful for numerous applications.

The Digital Multimeter has a wide range of functions, including AC Voltage, DC Voltage, AC & DC Current, as well as Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Duty Cycle, Diode, Continuity and Non-Contact Voltage.

The Sound Level Function is useful for measurement of sound in factories, offices, and checking acoustics of studios, auditoriums and Hi-Fi Installations.

The Light function can be used to measure illuminance and is fully cosine corrected for the angular incidence of light. The light sensor is a very stable, long life silicon ciode.

The numerous fnctions make this meter a choice not only for electricians, but also for HVAC technicians, Hi-Fi and Home Theatre installers, as well as other field based technicians.

This is not a cheap quality meter, but a professional quality CAT IV instrument for serious use, as are all of Cool Tech Testers products.

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