Bag Dump

The Fresco Systems Bag Dump stations are used to hygenically transfer product from bag, pails or sacks into the process system.

The Fresco System designed Bag Dump station can be intergrated to fit most downstream equipment such as flexible or rigid screw conveyors, pneumatic transfer systems and blenders to name just a few.

The bag dump also has a range of different options to incorporate in to it including a bag rest platform allows  the operator to position a bag lifted either manually, using a a bag lifter or from an infeed conveyor in front of hte hinged access door. The hinged access door, once opened, is held in place  by a gas stay support. The bag is then slit manually and the product tipped into the easy clean hopper of the bag dump which is provided witha  quickly removable safety mesh to prevent bags from falling in. the design of the bag dump hopper depends on the product and options include flow control devices like agitators, vibrators and air pads.

A dust take off spigot allows for connection to an existing dust collector system to draw teh dust away from the operator. This allows for a clean, healthy work enviroment complying with government regulations and agencies such as OSHA and EPA.

For acheiving faster throughputs, a twin dump design (with two access doors) allows more than one operator to tip product at the ame time

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