Belt Conveyor System

A conveyor style that utilizes a flat belt running on a flat fabricated steel deck or over rollers.

Belt Conveyor Systems are used where smooth and quiet transport of product is desirable, and is ideally suited to irregular shaped product that cannot easily be moved on other conveyor styles.

Examples of applications other than cartons or tote bins would be the movement of floppy sacks or satchels, bags of powder or flour, or raw food products. This is an excellent conveyor for handling items that may have loose strings or tapes attached that would otherwise get caught in other conveyor styles.

Belt Conveyor Systems provide a smooth solution for situations where you need a change in elevation— for example inter floor situations or to receive or deliver products to a mezzanine level.

Belt Conveyor Systems are also ideally suited to:

  • Metering— precise positioning
  • Scanning— in conjunction with code readers
  • Tracking— where precise positional control is required for sorting
  • Induction— precise feeding into other conveyors at junctions

Positive transport and positional control in all situations where it is desirable to know where a product is at any time.

We manufacture sanitary conveyors for the food industry, incline conveyors for plastic moulding machinery, belt under or belt over roller conveyors (these are ideally suited to long runs and heavy products) and many other styles.

Belt Conveyor System Brochure (.pdf) >>

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