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Biometrics is an identification technology which identifies an individual by measuring his physical characteristics. Some examples of these physical characteristics, which are unique to each individual, include one’s fingerprints, retina, iris and geometries of one’s finger, face or hand.

Like a personal password system, these physical characteristics are used as an individual’s unique password in biometric identification. Initially used to strengthen border security, biometric identification technology has in recent years become increasingly used in the security systems of both public and private organisations.

Biometrics can be used as single-factor authentication, but are also often used with a smart card, a proximity card or a pin number in a security system to authenticate an individual (known as multi-factor authentication).

Some examples of biometric security products are biometric fingerprint scanners/readers, biometric iris scanners, biometric hand/face geometry readers, biometric keyboards and biometric mice, biometric safes, biometric door locks, biometric time clocks (such as hand punch time clocks), as well as various types of multi-factor authentication access control units.

Some biometric security products suppliers also help clients’ custom design biometric security systems to meet their specific security needs.

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    Indala Cards, Flexpass Flexiso Imageable Card is a truly "credit card thin" access credential, and is ISO 7813 compliant with a nominal thickness of 0.03 inches (0.76 mm). ...
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    Indala Cards, Flex Card standard is "credit card" size, features bevelled edges, and at a thickness of only 0.065inches (1.8 mm), is one of the thinnest proximity cards of ...